Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black, White, and a Splash of Coral (a simple bathroom fix)

The bathroom needed a change! 

 I bought this over the toilet shelf a while back off of Craig's List.......

It was pretty plain and boring. It needed a change. I thought painting was probably my only option, but I couldn’t make up my mind on what color to use…. And then one day, or shall I say, one late night it hit me! Decoupage!! 

I had everything I needed on hand and a few hours later (if that) It was (pretty much) finished  : )  The next day I brushed on some polly and voila! 

 All I needed was:
* Modgepodge 
* Some decorative tissue paper
* Exacto knife 
* Polyurethane
* A paint brush
* Black spray paint (for the knobs)

I cut the tissue paper in workable strips and made sure I liked where the print would be placed.

Starting at the top I put the modgepodge on the cabinet.

Again starting at the top I carefully put the tissue paper on smoothing as I laid it down.
It was sticking out past the cabinet, so After it dried I took my exacto knife and cut down the side.

If it’s still not to your liking you can take sandpaper and lightly smooth it on the edges.

I put one more coat of modgepodge on the tissue paper.

The next day I spray painted the knobs black and put some polly on the print to seal it good :)

 This was a quick and easy project that really added some character and style to the bathroom.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tables With The Winding Legs

I am SO excited about my new-to-me end tables/nightstands. 

I did a drive by at a yard sale… you know where you go really slow searching for something you may like? Well, I found 2 end tables and I loved their winding legs  : )  

 When I asked how much they wanted for the pair she told me they were only for displaying things…. Not for sale : ( 
As I was leaving her mom came out and asked what I would give for them. 
I asked what she would want for them... 
She hesitated and said $5.00?   
As I was going to my car to get the money I had this feeling she was getting gypped…I put her on the spot... you just have to know me. So I gave her $7.00.  LOL
I took them home and put them on the carport… My husband loves it when I bring home more stuff…hehe
I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them so they sat around for about a month until one day I saw a post about homemade chalk paint over at Liz Marie.
 What made me excited about this paint is you don’t have to use primer. I hate primer! Cleaning the brush after use is no fun!!
I mixed it up… eyeballing the measurements for a cup of paint and then stirred in the grout. It covered pretty good. I painted 2 coats. A couple of spots bled through the top so I painted 1 more thin coat. I love the chalky texture of this paint… I will be using it on everything.
 After they were dry I liked them, but something was missing….

I tried distressing...  but it still didn't feel complete.

So, I tried a little antiquing….  I wasn't liking that!!

I love green and in our bedroom I use green, so, I painted some green on the legs, let that dry, and distressed… I love the distressed look!
Time for the big reveal…..
It’s perfect! At least they are to me : )
I L-O-V-E these tables!

And those lamps... at one time they looked like this…     
  Gasp! Yuck! 
I painted the shades green
and I spray painted the base silver.
  This will look great in our bedroom, if I do say so myself : )  

Thanks for taking time to check this out : )

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall is in the air

It’s that perfect time of the year. The days are warm, but not HOT. The nights are cool enough to wear a sweater or jacket, but not FREEZING. I love the smell of leaves burning, how coffee shops have specials like pumpkin spice latte and peppermint mocha, having sweet potato pie for dessert, and I love riding by trees and just gazing in awe of the magnificent colors of the changing leaves. 

I have found that listening to Christmas music makes fall even more enjoyable :) 

Fall inspired show off time….

This leaf caught my eye yesterday....
(For some reason it's not loading as bright as the leaf really is. If you click on the picture it will show you the true color)

it has inspired me to paint this dresser...

Stay tuned to see how it turns out :)

This is a fall/nature inspired centerpiece I did for a wedding shower…

I searched for the perfect pink flowers and couldn’t find them anywhere. They were all either too big or too light pink. I was so glad to find a pink mum the day before the shower. It was the perfect size and color :)

The vases were made a little more elegant by gluing some glass candle holders to the bottom.

Some of the pine cones were a little too full to fit, but I found out if you soak them in water they shrink up and get skinny. Can you imagine if it was that easy for people to lose weight? I can hear the commercial now.. “ Wanting to fit in those jeans again… your only a 30 minute soak away.” I don’t know how long it took but after a month I noticed they went back to their original size.

I went on a stemmed glass hunt at a thrift store (or 3) and found all these different textures.

Don’t you just love that tree stump!

I really wish I would take better pictures. It was so much prettier in person.

I found these glass leaves at a yard sale for $1.00. I love their blue color… they are just so cute :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Saved by Suzy

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